Accommodations Introduction


  • Service:
    1. Room types: room, studio, apartment
    2. Services: Just like you, we moved to Taipei and struggled to find a good place to live. We started Rooms.Taipei to give you and other young foreigners a clean and beautiful place that is a level above everything else. Everything is simple and included in the rent. You only need to bring your luggage with you. Your bed is ready with a towel on top. There is a guide on your desk telling you where to eat, how to use the washing machine, how to get a SIM card…
  • Advantages:
    1. We are not an agent. We are a management company. We can guarantee the quality of the service and of the house. You are not left alone with a Taiwanese landlord after you move in.
    2. Bright top floors apartments with balconies or terraces.
    3. Renovated and furnished at the international standard.
    4. Bi-weekly cleaning and all-inclusive rent (shampoo, toilet paper, all bills…).
    5. Monthly events (hot springs, Taoist festivals, bike rides…) and VIP card for free entry into 6 clubs.

Monthly rent (in NTD)

  • NT$8,000-20,000