Course Introduction

(I) Introduction

  1. This program is season program. We have spring, summer, fall and winter, 4 seasons per year. Each season lasts for 12 weeks (the winter course is only for 10 weeks), with 3 hours per day, 15 hours per week (from Monday to Friday).This program offers no credits, and this is not a degree program.

  2. Class levels depends on students’ levels. The levels vary from season to season.(For more information:Schedule and Fees

  3. Cultural activities:
    We offer various cultural activities every season, which include the one-day field trip every spring and fall. The activities enable students to know more about Chinese cultures as well as to practice Chinese language skills.

(II) Our Advantage

  • Small classes:
    Students with similar levels are arranged into small classes of 5 to 7 people. From elementary level to advanced one, every class is led by professional, experienced and passionate teachers. Small and intensive classes guarantee students’ learning quality and abundant chances of practice in class.

(III) Our Teachers

  • All of our teachers have the Certificate of Qualification to Teach Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language, issued by the Ministry of Education, R.O.C. (Taiwan). 90% of our teachers hold a master’s degree.

(IV) Textbooks we use

  • The following are the most commonly used textbooks, but it may be adjusted according to students’ levels and learning situation.
  • Levels Textbooks
    Elementary Practical Audio-Visual Chinese I (Cheng Chung Book Co., Ltd.)
    Practical Audio-Visual Chinese II (Cheng Chung Book Co., Ltd.)
    Intermediate Practical Audio-Visual Chinese III (Cheng Chung Book Co., Ltd.)
    Practical Audio-Visual Chinese IV (Cheng Chung Book Co., Ltd.)
    Far East Everyday Chinese III (Far East Book Co., Ltd.)
    Mini Radio Plays (Cheng Chung Book Co., Ltd.)
    Advanced Learning Chinese With Newspaper I (NTNU)
    Learning Chinese With Newspaper II (NTNU)
    Selected Readings (no specific textbooks, the teaching materials are decided according to students’ levels and learning situation)

(V) Class Requirements

  1. We offer equal trainings on the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We teach pinyin and we only teach and use traditional characters. And we emphasize a lot on hand writing. Students are required to “write” homework and exams.

  2. Teachers only speak Chinese in class (regardless the class levels). To offer an all-Chinese-speaking environment, students are encouraged to speak only Chinese under all circumstances.

  3. Generally speaking, we expect to finish 14 lessons per season (12 for winter); but it may be adjusted to students’ levels and learning efficiency, and it may be different between different classes.

  4. Course content:
    • We expect to acquire 500 vocabularies and 40~45 sentence patterns in elementary level per season.
    • We expect to acquire 1000~1200 vocabularies and 120~140 sentence patterns in intermediate level per season.
    • For advanced level, what students learn may vary according to students’ language proficiency and the articles they read.

  5. Please be prepared for the school workload. There are homework, quizzes, midterm, final exam, etc. Students need to be concentrated and devoted to their classes and learning, and actively participate in the class activities.

  6. We assess students’ level and learning every season, which will be taken into consideration for the class arrangement in the coming season. Those who have poor school performance may be held back and repeat a lower level.

  7. Students’ attendance, learning situation, class performance, etc. will decide whether they can study in the coming season or not, it is possible that we reject a student’s application.

(I) Introduction

  • The regular (season) program is opened for new applicants to join the class halfway only when there are still vacancies in classes(which means we will arrange the new applicant to join one of the current classes we have in that season, not open a new class.)Therefore, before you send us the application, please email us ( to know whether the course is open for joining the class halfway or not.

(II) Qualifications of application

  • Applicants must have previous Chinese language knowledge or studying experiences.

(III) Application

  • Email us to confirm the course status 2 weeks after that season starts (

  • If the season is open for new applicants to join halfway, please send us the application documents by application deadline: application form for joining the class halfway, education diploma and financial statement.

  • After the applicant receives our admission letter, he/she shall come for placement test and pay an application fee of NT$500 and the tuition fee on registration day. We will assign the applicant into one of our current classes of that season according to his/her test result (not opening a new class). If you cannot come for registration person on the registration day, your enrollment will be cancelled without further notification.

  • There is no guarantee that you can definitely join the class. If, according to the test result, there is no suitable class or the class of the applicant’s level is already full, the applicant cannot get enrolled in that season. In that case, no tuition fee will be charged and the application fee paid on registration day will not be refunded.