2020 Summer Chinese Program-Online Courses

(I) Target

  • Everyone who is 15 years old or above and is interested in learning Chinese language

(II) Course Introduction

  1. We have one-on-one and one-on-two classes!
    If you want to take one-on-two class, please find your own classmate.
  2. You can choose class hours, dates and time.
  3. We will use “Cisco” or “Google Meet” for the class.
  4. Textbooks: the teacher will recommend it in the teacher-student meeting.
Online Courses

(III) Course Calendar

(IV) Class Time (Taiwan time) GMT+8

(V) Course Fees

(VI) Application & Registration

  1. Online application : start from now on till July 9th (Wed.), we will email you the invoice as soon as we receive your application.
  2. Payment(by credit card): before prescribed deadline indicated in CLD invoice
  3. During the week of July 20th (Mon.): pre-class meeting with the teacher

(VII) Course Regulation and Related Information

  1. All the classes should be finished within prescribed dates. And please attend the class on time!
  2. Please make sure you have proper device, software and internet to support your online class. There will be no make-up class for the classes which are affected by facilities or internet if the class suspended for that is less than 15 minutes.
  3. If you need to ask for absence, please inform your teacher or CLD office 24 hours before your class starts. If you ask for absence, limited make-up classes will be offered:
  4. Grade report and course completion certificate are not offered for this class.class hour cerificate is available
  5. Refund Policy: Detailed information: