2020 Summer Program-On-Site Courses

(I) Target

(II) Course Introduction

  1. VERY SMALL classes: there are only 3 to 5 students in each class!
  2. Intensive course: from Monday to Friday, with 3 classes per day

(III) Course Calendar

2020/06/01~2020/08/21 CALENDAR 2020/05/08 Overdue

(IV) Class Time

(V) Course Fees

(VI) Application & Registration:

5/8 (Fri.) Online application deadline

  • We will email you the admission letter as well as bank information in 7 business days after we confirm your online application.

  • Concerning the influences on post-delivery caused by COVID-19 all over the world, starting from 2020/3/18, we will temporarily not issue hard-copies of admission letter (only digital admission letter is available).

5/14 (Thu.) 15:00 Payment deadline
5/18 (Mon.) or 5/19 (Tue.) Online written test (accurate test time will be notified by email on 5/15 (Fri.))
5/20 (Wed.) or 5/22 (Fri.) Online oral test (accurate test time will be notified by email on 5/15 (Fri.))
5/27 (Wed.) Class arrangement result announced on website

(VII) Course Regulation and Related Information:

  1. Class adjustment is cancelled.
  2. During the season, if the classes are suspended for COVID-19, we will change it to online course directly.
  3. All the other regulations and related information remain the same as the Regular Season Program, please refer toCourse IntroductionScheduleStudent Manual etc.

(VIII) If students decide to quit the class after they pay, they may apply for the refund according to our regulation



Refund Application Deadline Regulation
Summer 2020/6/29
  1. Refund Policy
  2. Refund Application form
  3. NOTE: If a refund is needed, the refund will be given by domestic bank remittance; the money will be given to the applicant’s Taiwan bank account directly.