Schedule and Fees

(I) Schedule

2017Winter 2017/11/27~2018/02/02 Calendar 2017/11/03 2017/11/20 Overdue
Spring 2018/03/05~2018/05/25 Calendar 2018/01/19 2018/02/26 Apply
Summer 2018/06/04~2018/08/24 Calendar 2018/05/04 2018/05/28 Apply
Fall 2018/09/03~2018/11/23 2018/08/03 2018/08/27 Apply
Winter 2018/12/03~2019/02/15 2018/11/02 2018/11/26
Spring 2019/03/04~2019/05/24 2019/01/25 2019/02/25
Summer 2019/06/03~2019/08/23 2019/05/10 2019/05/27
Fall 2019/09/02~2019/11/22 2019/08/09 2019/08/26
Winter 2019/12/02~2020/02/21 2019/11/08 2019/11/25
  1. This program is open for application a year before the course starts. If you are interested, please submit your application as soon as possible. It is possible that the application is closed before the deadline because the capacity is full.

  2. The enrollment will be canceled (without another notification) for the applicants who fail to complete the registration and take the placement test on prescribed day.

  3. This class is 3 classes per day (50-minute class with a 10-minute break), from Monday to Friday, 15 hours per week.

  4. We have 3 time slots per day:
  5. Students’ levels are our priority for class arrangement. With other necessary considerations, we decide the class time. Students cannot choose their class time.

(II) Fees

Fees Amount Payment
Tuition fee NTD40,000 per season
(Winter: NTD34,100)
You do not need to pay anything upon application. All the fees shall be paid in cash (NTD) on prescribed registration day. (Cash only, no credit cards or bank remittance)
(Only charged upon first application)
(Accident insurance and Medical Insurance offered by Nanshan Life Insurance Company are available here. As for the National Health Insurance offered by the Taiwan government, please refer to: National Health Insurance Administration)
Accident Insurance
NTD150(per season) (More Information)

Medical Insurance
NTD1,500(per season) (More Information)

Textbooks About NTD1,200 Class arrangement result is announced, students need to buy the textbooks at CLD office. (For more information:Application and Registration

(III) If students decide to quit the class after they pay, they may apply for the refund according to our regulation:

2017 TERM Refund Application Deadline Regulation
Spring 2017/3/28
  1. Refund Policy
  2. Refund Application form
  3. NOTE: If a refund is needed, the refund will be given by domestic bank remittance; the money will be given to the applicant’s Taiwan bank account directly.

Summer 2017/6/26
Fall 2017/9/22
Winter 2017/12/18