Scholarship Recipients

(I) Important information for CLD Currently Enrolled Scholarship Recipients : 

(II) Scholarship Delivery for CLD Currently Enrolled Scholarship Recipients : 

  • Scholarships of January and February :
    • All scholarships will be transferred into your account on 2/23(Fri).

(III) Activity information for scholarship recipients currently enrolled at the CLD: 

  • 【2018 Fabulous Taiwan Photography and Caption Contest and Exhibition】
    1. Now is begin to accept all the registration. The first prize of our contest is gonna win a NTD20,000 and the scholarship office will be having an exhibition during the farewell party of graduation recipients on 14th May.
    2. Please refers to the attach documents for more information (deadline: 3/31)。
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(IV) CLD Scholarship Recipients’ manual (this is important, please read it carefully)

(V) Scholarship Regulations: 

(VI) Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu: 

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