Scholarship Recipients

(I) Important information for CLD Currently Enrolled Scholarship Recipients : 

  • Reminders of TOCFL requirements (TOCFL listening and reading test results)For MOE/MOFA Scholarship repcipients
    1. M.O.E. Scholarship :It is a MUST for those who are awarded 9 months of scholarships (or more) to submit the certificate or grade report of passing Band B-Level 3 (or higher level) a month before the scholarship awarding period ends.
    2. M.O.F.A. Scholarship :It is a MUST for every M.O.F.A. Scholarship recipient to submit the certificate of passing Band A-Level 2 (or higher level) before June (i.e., by May 30th).

    In accordance to the announcement of the TOCFL test results, the deadline document submission is as it follows. Please make sure to submit required documents by deadline; failing to do so will result in the cancellation of one-month scholarship.

    1. Those with awarding period ends in May: before May 25th (Fri.); otherwise, the scholarship of May will be cancelled.
    2. Those with awarding period ends in August: before Aug. 17th (Fri.); otherwise, the scholarship of August will be cancelled.

(II) Scholarship Delivery for CLD Currently Enrolled Scholarship Recipients : 

  • Scholarships of September :
    • All scholarships will be transferred into your account on 10/15(Mon).
    • The MOFA Scholarship recipients will receive your scholarships of Aug. and Sep. this time.

(III) Activity information for scholarship recipients currently enrolled at the CLD: 

  • Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Recipients Orientation and Welcome Party
    1. The activity is from 13:50 to 17:00 on Oct. 26th (Fri.).
    2. Activity notice and Final list.

(IV) CLD Scholarship Recipients’ manual (this is important, please read it carefully)

(V) Scholarship Regulations: 

(VI) Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu: 

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